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Web and Applications Development

Our web and applications development services are tailored towards maximum online exposure for your organization and business. Whether you require is simple blog like website or a full enterprise database driven application and website, we are here to bring your dreams to reality. So why not choose us?

Mobile Friendly Websites

Are you tired of an uneven website layout on mobiles? ARe your clients complaining they can’t make purchase on their mobiles or reach most of your services when on mobile? We have a very advanced module to make your mobile experience enhanced to meet your expectations. So why not engage us for advanced mobile integration and layout for your organisation and business.


At Grejeen we are always prepared to help you find new markets you ordinarily can’t reach. Hence we have put in place high level modules to help you reach new clients and expand your business. So when next you plan to build an e-commerce solution, simply contact us and we would help you make the best of your business.

Affiliate Services

Grejeen is committed to a worthwhile partnership with individuals and organisations for the purpose of selling our products and services at a commission. Visit the affiliate section of our website to register your interest. But where you require an affilate system to help you sell more products and services, we can help you set it up for your website at a fee.

Software Development

We build reliable applications to power your business and organizations. From simple office applications to complex financial accounting solutions, Grejeen is stimulating technological innovation with advanced software solutions. Do you require software solutions to automate your business? Contact us today and you would be glad you did.

Search Engine Optimization

It is one thing to design a website and another to ensure visibility of your products and services. At Grejeen we talk extra steps to ensure the visibility of your website as part of our web development plans. So depending on your project and the plans you choose you may just be one step from taking your business to the next level of exposure.


The online business is highly competitive. To build a reliable presence online, a viable online marketing strategy is required to have an edge over competitors. At Grejeen we build reliable marketing modules that converts visitors to subscribers and customers. Do you require a robust marketing solutions for your business, contact us today.

Content Syndication

Our core service is to make information available to every and anyone who needs them under the creative commons initiative. At Grejeen we ensure that such information is free of censorship or inhibition so that users and researcherss can process, collate and retrieve them for educational purposes. Our syndicated content covers, news, educational articles, research work and more.


Our directory is designed to make places and addresses available on your finger tips. So whether you run a mega business, an apartment, a departmental store, a restaurant, a place of worship, an event center, health services or other professional services we are ready to give you the maximum exposure for your business. So why not ride on our train with your business.

Search Engine

We provide one of the best search services you can think of which is our core service, So when you require information you can’t access, why not use our search engine to get the best information you desire for your business, research work or even news. Grejeen search engine uses top notch industry technology to feed you the best search result trimmed to suit your specific query.

Database Management

At Grejeen we care about your clients and business. Hence we offer to help you manage and maintain your client and management database system so you are always secured should anything goes wrong. Our range of solutions would ensure prompt backup of your information so you can always access them at all times. It doesn’t matter the size of your organisation as we have flexible plans to suit your business.

Social Networking

At Grejeen we connect you to your friends no matter the distance to share their thoughts, ideas and relationship. We believe that the key to a prosperous future is good relations with one another whether at the personal, business or corporate level. You can always meet new people, make news friends, gain new ideas and express your self with full esteem without restriction. You can also start a new relationship and form new communities.

News And Blogging

Grejeen runs a couple of sites providing breaking news from around the world for our teeming users and visitors. Our news covers Business, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Opinion, Science, Technology, Celebrities and Places. We take special focus on human rights, gender based violence, child molestation, gun violence and even more. So stay with us for the best.

Cyber Security

Grejeen has partnered with top cyber security companies around the globe to provide you the best security system so you always stay protected and focus on contents. We offer DDoS protection and caching optimization, CDN optimization, Web Application Firewall, Protection against login by brute force, SSL certification including enterprise editions. So why not request a quote today.

Wi-Fi Services

At Grejeen we offer top notch Wi-Fi solutions for your business or organization. While we understand that high speed internet service is compulsory for your day to day running of your business, we also aware of possible constraints you may experience especially when dealing with a slow connection for staffs, shared groups and team members which translates to poor productivity. So when you require ultra high speed connection, contact us and you would be glad you did.


Grejeen brings people together from far and wide to share their thoughts and ideas. We believe that the key to a prosperous future is getting the right answers to one’s problems at the business or corporate level. You can always gain new ideas and express your self with full esteem without restriction. We do not allow censorship on our forums although we expect everyone to behave responsibly and within the confines of the law.

At Grejeen we are constantly making our services as customer friendly and affordable as possible. We care about your business and budget. You can request a quote now

About Grejeen

At Grejeen we strive to provide an environment where users and researchers can access, collate, process, document and share information within the bounds of international law and use such information to promote learning and innovation.
Grejeen maintains internet fairness by ensuring that information is available to those who need them without reference to social conditions, class or geographical space.

Grejeen believes in the inalienable right to freedom of expression and information by creating communities and the protection of the privacy of users and their right to know how their data is collected and used. At Grejeen we endeavor to provide an environment where information access and sharing upholds the tenets of human right protection and preservation and reduce or eliminate where possible all instances of hate speech, racism, xenophobia and stereotyping and the same time striking a balance where necessary. Grejeen also strives to protect copy right by ensuring that information available on its sites are not sold without the consent of their proprietors and expects users to properly reference sources, respect copy right and use information appropriately by respecting the rights and privacies of others.


    Python is a high level programming language. At Grejeen we offer Python programming for web programming, scripting, scientific computing and artificial intelligence. So why not contact us now for your various programming needs.

  • C#

    C# is an elegant object-oriented language that enables developers to build a variety of secure and roburst applications that run on the .NET Framewor. Grejeen uses C# to create windows applications, web services, mobile applications, client server applications, database applications and much more.

  • C++

    C++ is a general purpose programming language. Our team of programmers are at your service to create computer programs such as art applications, music players and even video games

  • JAVA & SQL

    We offer the best of Java programming for your various mobile applications like Google's Android OS, various desktop applications such as media players, antivirus programs, web applications, enterprise applications like banking etc. We are also at hand to give you professional database management using the structured query language; MYSQL, for your various database management no matter the size of your website

Our Team

Grejeen was founded by Bassey Akpan on 9th march 2016
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Bassey Akpan

His role includes: applications and web development, search engine optimization, email marketing, cyber security, e-commerce solutions, network infrastructure etc
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Janet Anthony

Finance Manager
Her role includes credit management, financial audits and reconciliation, economic forecast and risk management.
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Essien Namso Stephen

Technical Specialist
His specialty incudes, Network management, system administrator, equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.
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John Akpan

Business Development
His economic insight is of great value to the company in the area of forecasting growth, risk management and investment strategies.


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